Monday, August 23, 2010

Press Release August 2010 - Business Experts Collaborate to Help Small Business

Business Expert Webinars (BEW), the leading provider of virtual business training, announced the publishing of their latest book: Business Expert Guide to Small Business Success. Twenty-one business thought leaders collaborated to develop this book intended for small business owners and operators. Published by Business Expert Publishing, the book publishing arm of Business Expert Webinars, this book presents actionable ideas addressing the critical areas plaguing small businesses.

“As a small business owner, your employees look to you to come up with all of the answers. Many have found that the 'idea-well' has run dry and are looking for new, innovative ways to increase revenue, improve morale, or drive profits. The twenty-one business thought leaders who contributed to this book share secrets that can have an immediate impact for small business owners,” said Lee B. Salz, President and CEO of Business Expert Webinars."

The collaboration authors and topics addressed in this book include:
  • Strategic Business Plan Design and Implementation by John W. Myrna
  • Pricing for Profitability - Are You Priced Right? by Sarah Day
  • Managing Cash Flow - Avoiding the Financial Pitfalls by Paul Pershes
  • Strategic Decision-Making - The Essential Leadership Skill by Joseph Riggio, Ph.D.
  • Leadership - Leadership Keys that Drive Business by Harlan Goerger
  • Hiring Sales People - A Grounded Approach to Hiring Sales Stars by Danita Bye
  • Sales Compensation Plan Design - Compensate to Motivate Your Sales Team by Lee B. Salz
  • Networking Best Practices - Face to Face - Belly to Belly by Cindy Cohen
  • Sales Intelligence Secrets - Know More Selling by Sam Richter
  • Lead Generation - Techniques to Increase Your Sales Pipeline by Drew Stevens, Ph.D.
  • Business Development - The Dynamics of Great Business Development by Richard Norris
  • Buying Process Design - Four Simple Steps that Make Sales and Loyal Customers by Harlan Goerger
  • Telephonic Selling - How to be an 800-Pound Gorilla on the Phone by Bill Guertin
  • Negotiation - Stealth Negotiating in Small Business by Andy Miller
  • Virtual Presentations - Jumpstart Your Online Presentation Skills by Roger Courville
  • Employee Engagement - Your X-Factor for Success by Hillary Feder
  • Invest In Yourself - To Build a Stronger Business You Must also Build a Stronger You by Jeb Blount
  • Stress and Health Management - Keeping Yourself Mentally and Physically Healthy by Dave Hubbard
  • Employee Development - Effectively Developing Employee Talent by Tim Hagen
  • Six Sigma - Are Lean and Six Sigma Right for My Business? by Gary Gack
  • Sarbanes-Oxley and Compliance - Leveraging Best Practices to Combat Fraud by Peg Jackson, DPA, CPCU
  • Employee Dispute Resolution - Making the Best Out of a Bad Situation by Mic Puklich
To learn more about this book and order your copy CLICK HERE 

About Business Expert Webinars

Business Expert Webinars (BEW) is the leading provider of live and on-demand virtual business training that is economical, efficient and effective. BEW connects business thought leaders with their target audiences to teach skills designed to enhance job performance. BEW offers content for anyone and everyone in the business setting.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sometimes It Just Appears

I always say ... every opportunity is a networking opportunity and yesterday was a great example. I attended a seminar on the topic of social media sponsored by the Small Business Develop Center in our town. There were approximately 25 people who attended. The seating was theater style. 

Upon entering I scoped out the room, surveying the "lay of the land" to position myself for optimal networking opportunities. Once in position, I began by introducing myself to those around me, learning about what type of work they spend their day doing and why they might be attending the seminar. Then the seminar started.

A lovely lunch was provided and included in the seminar. Not very healthy I must say however that is another discussion all together.  The room was arranged with small tables to accommodate 6 people. I sat by 2 people I had not met earlier in the day and began the conversation pretty much the same, what brings them to the seminar, what type of work ect.

Then a wonderful thing happened!  Not only did I really like one of the new friends I had made, I found we had similar business interests and set an appointment to get together today.  I have found jumping right on the appointment scheduling is best because we are all busy and forget, oops!

I bet you are wondering what happened next? We met for coffee, explored possibilities, provided each other with great leads and decided to work on a project that will result in a great money making opportunity for us both!

So there you have it. Sometimes it just appears, networking for fun and profit! YAHOO!

You've gota love it!
Your networking partner,
Cindy Cohen RN
Cindy Cohen Networking Moment!

Monday, May 10, 2010

3 Social Media Strategies - Got one? Tell us!

Every company big and small has a marketing strategy, some are more planned than others.

Maybe you are in the "thinking about it" stage and wondering what to do next? Or more experienced and wondering where to go from here? Or perhaps you are the small business person, entrepreneur who's strategy may be more like a "good idea" and without much effort you are developing an internet presence. If you are with a larger company where there is more "red tape" this may hold you back. 

No matter the size of company you own, work with or for, social media is where it's at. This is definitely a phenomenon you don't want to miss out on at what ever level that is most comfortable because it's proven to be a huge source of revenue, networking connections and new ideas to help your business grow.

For me, I am more the "good idea" person. My company small enough to implement new ideas with a simple staff meeting, consulting with other professionals and networking to find out who is best at the services that are required to move forward. In making decisions to move forward I support my community by using locally owned business and staying inside my "networking community" whenever possible.

What's my latest social media marketing strategy?

1. Network with those I like, admire and respect on and offline.
2. Develop a Tweetup Networking group with one of my networking colleagues (thanks to Cheryl Watterson).
3. Invite you to come, network and we learn together all we can about social media marketing strategies!

Let's learn from each other.
Just think with our combined knowledge we can create some amazing synergy and grow both professional and personally together!

That's what I know ... what do you know?
Please comment and share with us!

Cindy Cohen RN, Owner of C2 Your Health
aka "Networking Queen"

Saturday, April 3, 2010

10 Reasons to Network

If you ask 10 people what networkng is, you will most likely get 10 different answers. Everyone uses networking for different reasons. Sometimes networking is used to find a good deal. Such as now I'm looking for great running shoes, so I asked a runner I know where to shop. What about a good movie, or bad one? Help a friend looking for a job position? Information about a project you are working on? Many think networking is about making that immediate sale, instant customer. Nope. Networking is about creating added value to your life through making connections and developing relationships with others over time. What value does networking bring to you?

Here are my top 10 reasons to network:
1. Make a connection
2. Help a friend find a job
3. Add a customer
4. Make a friend
5. Gather information
6. Increase mailing list
7. Learn/share new ideas
8. Make referrals
9. Advertise
10. Have fun

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Why a networking blog?

Why do I write about networking? I love networking, connecting and developing relationships.Why? Because it's a great feeling being of service to others, helping them along their way. As I look around I see in my life people who are fun, interesting and share the same goals and aspirations. 

It's my hope as I travel along my networking journey what I learn about networking will help you too! In sharing my own personal networking journey with my friends, colleagues, and professional contacts it is my hope we will all learn how to help each other to grow a successful business and personal life together.

Remembering what Zig Ziglar (author and motivational speaker) has shared for decades
"When you help other people get what they want you get what you want too!"

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Expo Exhibitors...Missed Opportunity

Well, it is the morning after the 2010 Expo for Women. 125 exhbitors, 4688 people later the expo hall is empty, the booth space is just space, participants back to their sunday routine, exhibitors driving back to their homes and organizing for the coming week. If you were with us in person or virtually, thank you for participating in this wonderful event.

Reminising about the conversations with exhibitors I find it interesting the exhibitors do not see each other as potential networking partners and customers. At the Expo for Women there were 125 booth spaces with one, two, three or 4 staffing the booth. With 3, that's 375 potential customers, cliets and networking partners in the room before the door opens to the public.

Missed opportunity? Start now. Begin the conversation... connect.... add value .... help each other develop a successful business ... the opportunities are endless.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Here's to Serendipity

There is something to be said for being at the right place at the right time.

I traveled to Indianpolis last week for a series of wellness presentations. Some I presented others I attended. At a networking luncheon/ Prevention Plus+ wellness seminar I met an independent insurance agent. During our conversation I asked it she could help me with event insurance as I am coordinating, promoting the Expo for Women this weekend which requires liability insurance.

The short of the long story is I did purchase event insurance from this meeting! If you spend any time networking to increase your business this almost never happens. Usually business happens over time. Really, when you think about it when networking you are positioning yourself to be in the right place at the right time.

Here's to serendipity!